In this photo the HINT in a hard to reach angle, slightly up, forward and yet in balance thanks to the placement of the support legs. Here with long lance for Nozzle. pic@servatetechlocd2022
HINT without installed Nebulizer* The entire construction is made of robust stainless steel. Pict2022@servatec hint.

             As an innovative designer of the Nebulizer*, SluysTechniek has also designed a means of transport for this machine. 


High Tech Nebulizer Transporter*

This stainless steel construction makes it possible to realize the entire application with 1 person.

There are many options for transporting a compact machine. The pallet is the most commonly used way for this, but a pallet cart or forklift is needed for the movement. Both are in use with us and have advantages and disadvantages. During many tests with all kinds of means of transport, we have experienced that the disadvantages are too great. The Nebulizer* has a compact size and it would not be appropriate to use a large, bulky vehicle. The designer has gone to great lengths to limit the weight of the machine to 35 Kg. Too little to use a forklift, but too much to move eg 10 meters without risk. To get to your own potato shed it could be enough to make a set of wheels underneath it, but rollable is not workable yet. 

Sluys Techniek is a specialist in solving technical issues and has been commissioned to construct an equally sustainable and multifunctional transport solution for 'its' Nebulizer*.

The starting point for the construction was to make a solid and mechanically operable platform for the Nebulizer*. Easy to operate by a single person, and can be driven over distances such as those from a car to a potato shed. In addition, the platform must be suitable for transporting a weight of 35 Kg over the usual unevenness of a farmyard, without risk of damage to the machine or platform. The extensive adjustment options should make it possible to bring the spray lance to the correct height and angle, exactly the position for the opening in the storage shed. Also important is the stability when using the Nebulizer*. This has a smooth running without major vibrations, but due to the weight in a higher position, stability is of great importance. Two support legs with rubber feet, together with the air-free tires, ensure a stable whole. The choice for stainless steel as a building material is the result of the many tests with the products. Major differences in products and their properties require a wide resistance to the effect of the product. This is also important for the other parts such as the rims, tires and the oil-free adjustment mechanism. In addition, it is important that it is easy to clean with high or low pressure, without damaging the mechanism. 

The compact size has been made possible by making the parts removable for operation. In this way the platform is easy to place in a compact car, the weight is certainly not an obstacle. The detachable handle not only has the function of propulsion, but fits exactly with the end in the tube for the height adjustment. By then turning the rod via the L-profile handle, the high/low adjustment can be controlled very accurately. Due to the sophisticated construction, the machine remains in the same position during adjustment. When there is not enough space available, the long handle can be removed, and a short version with D-model handle placed, where turning can easily be done with one hand.

The stable construction of the frame that supports the machine ensures that it remains firmly in place during all adjustments. In addition to the high/low adjustment, there is also a tilt adjustment that can tilt the machine both forwards and backwards. This is necessary because the openings in the sheds are preferably made as small as possible, 20 mm is enough for the machine, but the thickness of the walls can sometimes be 30 cm. The spray lance must then be able to pass through it accurately and upright, in order to place the Nozzle in the right place in the airflow. After many tests, we are finally satisfied with the result, the Nebulizer* has received a suitable transport solution with the HINT. 

The HINT meets the requirements for Shared use.
Important is ease of use, easy to clean and a wear-resistant build quality.
Unlimited life under normal use, and fully recyclable. Circular Design.

For all technical specifications, see the SPECS page.