No need for a heavy Air Compressor, the Nebulizer* only works with the pure medium. No (press) air. No chance of losing the valuable resource due to the overpressure! for specification see SPECS. pic@compressoriuniversali2020
Also no additional generator for expensive power current is required, only an always present standard socket is sufficient. Thanks to the very low energy consumption! for specification see SPECS. pic@aggregatouniversali2020
No combustion, so no soot formation, no cleaning work, and no soot waste. For technical specification see SPECS. pic@Pexels2021


Presents   :

the Nebulizer*

The new and safe way of applying the new potato sprout inhibitors.

Every year, in September, after the potatoes have been harvested, the arable farmer starts storage. The potatoes are carefully examined and brought into the sheds. That is the start of the storage season. The potatoes go “sleeping” until market demand increases and they are sold. Depending on many circumstances, this period can last up to 7 or 8 months. Preserving his harvest is one of the many specialties of the farmer. From generation to generation. From primitive to advanced, it remains an Art.              

The condition of the potatoes in his warehouse is so important to the arable farmer that, despite all the technical control options available, he still wants to check whether it is correct….

The temperature, humidity, amount of ventilation, CO2, light and everything in proportion to the conditions outside. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 7 to 8 months, the farmer must be alert to notice any deviations. Even the smallest change can have major consequences, the weight, colour, hardness or germination are all important for the right potatoes. It is, among other things, this craftsmanship of the Dutch arable farmer that has made our country a global player.                                                                                                                   

It is difficult to imagine the long and careful process that is required before the potato is on the plate worldwide! 

Due to new EU legislation in 2021, other germ inhibitors must be used. These new agents have very different product properties and require a different technique for the application. The usual equipment was sufficient for CIPC, but not without adaptation for the new means. The risks associated with use have led to many accidents and fires. see www 'fire potato shed' and 'fire potato shed'. From the first message about the new legislation in early 2020, we have started researching these new resources, and how we can apply them in a safe and reliable way. Due to the many technical complications, we decided that things had to change. That was the reason for us to develop the Nebulizer*.

With attention to safety, sustainability, and economical with energy and the very precious resources. see for more info; About us*                              

Purpose of the design ; promoting Shared use* with maximum safety for the arable farmer and his potato.  

Front view Nebulizer*. Due to the compact size, the limited weight and the large handles, the machine is easy to remove from the Transporter. pic@servatechHINT2022LV
Sustainable Development Goals for the Nebulizer* Important development goals are: Nr. 3 - Healthy food. No. 7 - Very low energy consumption. No.9 - Innovative design. No. 12 - Responsible production. No. 13 - Environmentally friendly. No.17 - Promote sharing.
Nebulizer rear view*. Note the simple control panel. pic@servatechHINT2022RA

The first Nebulizer* serial number 001, to be launched with the following features

→ Very low energy consumption*

→ No Generator needed

→ Only standard socket required 230 V, 10.2 A

→ Very efficient use of the precious resource, no addition of air or compressed air, so no Air Compressor needed. No overpressure, so no escape of the precious substance from the storage area!

→ No combustion, no soot, no cleaning work! Soot waste means loss of the precious resource.

No maintenance  ; At the end of the storage season, rinse the machine with the supplied Foodgrade Oil, and place in warehouse until next use.

Bi switch to another remedy, Example ; from Argos® to 1.4 Sight®, or vice versa, simply blow the remaining content, 200 ML, from the machine into the storage can with air pressure. This is enough to remove the residue and use the other agent.

→ If necessary, we offer a pre-inspection for the most optimal placement of the Nozzle in the ventilation of the storage shed. The Nebulizer* has a high degree of efficiency by making maximum use of the existing energy or ventilation capacity.

→ Very simple operation ; 2 large push buttons, 1 for on, in green color, 1 for off, color red

→ 2 stepless rotary knobs with 2 digital displays – 1 for the temperature, from 0°C – 300°C, and 1 for the pressure, from 50 – 150 Bar.

→ Completely fireproof due to separation of heat source and the liquid to be atomized.

→ Due to very little heat input, cooling afterwards is rarely necessary, which again saves energy and resources!

Specially designed for partial use* among a large group of arable farmers.

Share use : cost savings.

Ask your Cooperative!

Weather resistant stainless steel, very durable product, high quality finish, maintenance free. Circular Design. Fully recyclable.

Separate safety circuit for pressure and temperature monitoring. Also signal at supply stop (empty jerry can)

CE Approval Certificate number ; 36601.

The CanBase. ( supplied as standard )

Due to the high price of the sprout inhibitors, we have gone to extremes in terms of efficiency. The jerry can with the agent is placed at an angle on the base, which allows us to reach the lowest liquid level. Due to the powerful suction, even the smallest drop enters the filter, and no substance is lost!

 To be supplied as an extra; the Transporter specially developed for the Nebulizer:   the HINT*

For technical data see page SPEC