Brand aardappelloods Bergeijk 2020 FotoPersburo Bert Jansen
Photo above: Fire in potato storage facility, 2020, Bergeijk (NL) Fire on the company is the nightmare for every entrepreneur. The manufacturers of sprout inhibitors accept no product liability. They hold the user responsible for the administration of the products. fotorights@PersburoBertJansen
Photo above: We prefer not to condemn anything or anyone. When it comes to safety, being clear is necessary. Right is right and crooked is crooked. However, we do not have a permanent 'house' lawyer. Disputes will be resolved mutually if possible. Without trust, a promise has no value. pic@shorashimazaki
Brand Aardappelloods Almkerk 2021 Pic.FPMB Erik Haverhals
Photo above: Fire in potato storage facility. Almkerk, NL. 2021. The investigation into the cause of a fire can sometimes take years. Insurers issue safety warnings for equipment used. PhotoFPMB@ErikHaverhals
June 2020. The ban on the use of Chlorpropham (CIPC) poses a dilemma for the arable farmer.
because he needs a growth or germination inhibitor to store the potatoes. 
The EU food authority, EFSA, has authorized several products that can serve as alternatives, but no equipment has been made available with which these products can be applied. This has created a situation where the new resources are used with existing equipment. Many incidents have occurred due to insufficient information about the product properties of the new products. Fire due to handling potatoes in storage areas. As a result, the authorization of the two most important products, 1.4Sight® and Argos®, has been temporarily withdrawn¹. After investigation, it turned out that there was an incorrect method of using the products. The texts on Labels, the Safety Data Sheets, SDS, and the conditions of use have been adjusted as required. The user has the obligation to take note of this. These safety warnings on the product packaging mean that you use it at your own risk.
Following the incidents, our company has investigated these products and tested them in practical tests with the existing equipment. This research has shown that there are multiple and unacceptable risks during application with both products. In contrast to the CIPC period, the arable farmer has no equipment with which he can safely apply the new products himself. As a result, he has to outsource this to a contractor, where work is carried out according to a so-called spray contract. After signing this, the risk of the Contractor who accepts the treatment goes to the client. The manufacturers of existing and possibly adapted equipment have also adapted the conditions of use to the new situation. They also accept no liability for working with the new products. It is important to mention that in the event of a calamity, an insurer will also point out the policy conditions of the mandatory Building and Contents Insurance. Practice shows that an insurer relies on exclusion because the treatment has no safety guarantee. They are not wrong to point out the risks of applying Germ or Growth Inhibitors to potatoes every year.
It will be clear that this development has undesirable consequences in practice. Damage that occurs during or after treatment will always be borne by the arable farmer. He must simply assume that the machine used by the Contractor is the correct machine for the treatment. Manufacturers of sprout inhibitors do provide some information about this, but this has not been able to prevent the damage caused by fires. It should be noted that at the time of the authorization of these products, no specifically designed machine existed yet.
The product properties of these products cannot in any way be compared with the old CIPC. The Admission Authority has released the products because of their effective effect, however, the method of administration determines this operation. There is currently insufficient data available about this². A small A power failure during administration has major consequences for the health of the potatoes in the storage facility, as well as for the safety of the people present. For example, there is equipment with a combustion engine for the drive, equipment with an unwanted temperature peak, which produces soot during operation. This must be cleaned after each use, but at least the same amount of soot has already been released into the storage area. In this case, the expensive product is no longer effective, but is actually harmful to the health of the potatoes. 
It is these developments that led to the construction of the Nebulizer Agro. 
Safety during application has the first priority.
Efficiency through innovative technology is an important second.
Sustainability and respect for our environment are a necessary third party.
And the price of the resources drives the drive to achieve the highest returns.
¹ source field guide, 5.12.2020. ² source publication report potato chain, NVWA 31.12.2020.
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