Products to Protect.

The main goals for our products.

The development of technical solutions for new problems, which arise from new insights with regard to environmental requirements, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Our constant striving to use as little energy as possible, and to use the already existing energy as much as possible, requires knowledge and experience.

Onze werkplaatsen zijn al jaren voorzien van eigen energie, waarbij zeer efficiënt , stroom opgewekt word door de zon.

The Nebulizer.

Mr. Dingeman van der Sluys, al ruim 35 jaar actief in de techniek, heeft via Sluys Techniek, zijn naam geplaatst, op het gebied van oplossingen voor soms eenvoudige,

maar vaker complexe problemen bij installaties en machines. De klanten wereldwijd,  vragen hem om technisch advies, of soms ter plaatse, een machine of stuureenheid te repareren.

A diagnosis, in which he uses the most modern electronics, and repair with improvisation under varying circumstances.

The experience gained in this way gives confidence. We do what we say. A deal is a deal. And that with attention to sustainability and safety.

The development of the Nebulizer is also the result of changed legislation.

The European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, was active in mid-2019, to amend the legislation on the use of a widely used sprout inhibitor,

Chlorpropham, or CIPC. A ban on its use was announced, but it would take until April 2021, before it really got that far.

Several manufacturers were already active in developing a replacement for the product, but no replacement for the equipment used.

In the current year 2022, there are 3 to 4 products available, and they have a place in the market of germ inhibitors.

These very expensive agents have such specific product properties that their use is not justified with the existing equipment.

In de periode van de wisseling van het middel, heeft Sluys Techniek, meerdere proeven met de bestaande apparatuur gedaan,waarbij onverantwoord grote risico’s vastgesteld werden. We kunnen er enkele noemen ;

For example, there was a test in which existing equipment, in use with the new agent, caused a blowtorch of up to 12 meters in length.

The conclusion was immediately the end of this fire-hazardous test, in which we did the test again outside the workshop.

Ook die 2e test was negatief, de steekvlam was zeker ook 12 meter, het brandgevaar te  groot om nog te herhalen.

It was clear, if these agents, in use with the existing equipment, were to be used in modern well insulated potato sheds,

it is certainly not inconceivable that when applied, the pressure rises so high that an explosion occurs, whereby the damage cannot be foreseen.

There were also reports in the press of large fires in storage sheds, including in Germany, Belgium and France.

Then Van der Sluys decided to do things differently, as the son of an arable farmer, he had been allowed to learn the tricks of preserving potatoes from his father.

Nowadays he rents out his own Tolsma barn to a farmer friend, so he is also busy with the storage of potatoes every season.

It is an art in itself, after the harvest in September, the potatoes are wheeled into the shed and the work begins.

The most optimal temperature, the right humidity, just enough ventilation, and that in proportion to the fluctuating outside temperature.

The potato consists of 80 % water, so very sensitive to keep in rest for a long time, sometimes up to 8 months.

That is also the reason to use the so-called sprout inhibition agents, which must be applied very accurately.

In addition, the price of the new resources is so high that the degree of efficiency must be maximum.

The better the storage, the better the potato. Small deviations in color and taste have major consequences.

Therefore, the demands on the equipment are high, accuracy and reliability are a necessity.

The potato in all its manifestations is high on the list of the most eaten world food, after grain, wheat and rice.

Over de historie van het bewaren hebben we een apart stukje geschreven, interessant. Lees het *HIER*

For example, Mr vd Sluys started drawing, constructing and using his contacts with arable farmers in the area in January 2020.

What is the experience and how can it be improved, building each new element first, testing it, and taking it apart again.

What weight is still acceptable, how small can it be made, and is it all together not too big to transport.

The noise level had to be pleasant, the power consumption as little as possible, the heating sufficient.

Do not use additional air, only the agent with the correct pressure, to avoid losses.

The various components such as pipes and seals were also tested separately for properties in combination with the agents.

The different flash points, temperature, volatility, there should be no combustion, because soot formation means loss of agent.

For example, a seal had shrunk as much as 30% after 3 days in liquid, or a connection had become much too long due to another means.

Every day, in the evening, sometimes through the night because something has to be finished for the test the next day.

Building the electronics is a speciality in itself, the properties of the product, the regulations, the control and emergency provision,

it is indispensable for the proper functioning of the machine, over the many years of use.

Een prototype haalde het niet en moest weer uit elkaar, en zo ging de ontwikkeling verder, steeds opnieuw proberen

Until finally, after 2 years of development, the shapes of the Nebulizer became visible and the operation continued to improve. Serial number 001 applied.

Meanwhile, the 21/22 storage season had started and the potato sheds had been filled. The real work could begin.

6 different storage locations, with adapted openings, to keep the machine working in the best place.

Het is belangrijk de Nozzle IN de luchtstroom te brengen, om maximaal gebruik te maken van de bestaande energie.

The farmers came to see for themselves how the Nebulizer worked in their practice, and were surprised that the size was so compact,

the noise level is pleasant and the possibilities of the different nozzles sufficient.

Rotary knobs for digitally adjustable temperature and pressure, and large push buttons for on-green/off-red

Due to the right combination of the agent, the nozzle and the applied pressure, the yield is easily adjustable.

The storage went well, the barns are empty again, and the farmers are satisfied with the use of the Nebulizer……

Begin 2022 is het EC keurmerk toegekend, conform de bepalingen in de Machine Richtlijn met de classificatie NEN/EN/EC/ISO/IEC.   Zie specs.

An inspection was also carried out at WUR Wageningen, Agrosystem Plant Research, under the supervision of Dr. HJ Holterman.

Dit betreft een druppelspectrum meting waarbij 2 verschillende laserstralen worden gebruikt voor meting van de druppels. Zie specs.